Motorised Blind Repair Adelaide

At HWF we are specialists when it comes to motorised and automatic blind repair. Our experienced team are the best in the business at all kinds of blind and curtain repair work, done professionally and at affordable rates. 

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Blinds and motors often undergo general wear and tear in common use and can be a source of undue frustration to you and your family when not working as they should.  Luckily, we are able to fix many issues in-house and quickly. For the more complicated issues we have solid relationships with blind and motor manufacturers such as Verosol and Somfy and can have your blinds as good as new within a matter of weeks.

Automatic blind repair

Blinds are one of a homes most distinguishing features. Besides just covering windows and blocking or letting in sunlight they add a touch of personal style and uniqueness to your home. It’s these benefits that make blinds so important and keeping them maintained worthwhile.

Just like curtains, motorised blinds can be damaged or worn-out over time. Often automatic blind motors have a lifespan of 3-5 years before their performance starts to falter. Likewise, blind fabrics, when used often, as is common when automated, can begin to fray or lose their cording. 

We are proud to offer a holistic motorised blind repair service. This service includes:

  • Taking down of the blind and motor
  • Onsite repair when possible
  • Replacement of fabric and/or re-cording
  • Re-installation of repaired blind and motor

While some jobs only require a basic touch up, many are best left to a reputed repairman. Here at HWF, we are regarded as one of the best for curtain and blind repair in Adelaide and always provide a hassle-free end-to-end service.

We repair all types of blinds:

  • Vertical Blinds
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Panel Blinds 
  • Skylight Blinds
  • Micro Blinds
  • Roman Blinds
  • Roller Blinds
  • Outdoor Blinds

If what you need repaired isn’t listed above, message or call us, and we’ll let you know if we can help. If not, we will know someone who can!

Fabric Replacement


Full Dry-Cleaning

Track Replacement

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We are a proudly family owned South Australian company who provide Adelaide’s best range of home window furnishings. Our team has a combined 35 years in the industry and pride themselves on providing top quality products at a fair price. With HWF you have the the best of both worlds. We’re able to provide a small company feel where it matters and still pass on manufacture direct pricing to our customers.

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